History Of Muay Thai Camp Thailand

Muay Thai is a combat sport with roots set deep in the history of Thailand. Muay boxing in Thai language Thai is pronounced Thai Muay by indigenous Thais. Muay Thai is a barbarous and athletically demanding combat game, with participants using fists, elbows, knees and legs as striking weapons into the opponent. Muay Thai is practiced extensively in Thailand, with global participation significantly growing over the last ten years. Thai boxing has a historic value which is valued by people who practice the game.

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This history that creates the culture of Thai boxing has been developed over centuries of army and kingdom battle, spiritual influence, cultural significance, social development and government assistance. The First origins of Thai boxing could be tracked back 2000 years to the southern China tribes of Ao Lai who migrated south into the central plains of what is now the Kingdom of Thailand. Considering that all records of Siam history have been destroyed by the Burmese in the Ayutthaya period it is hard for the exact origins to the written.

Consequently the roots of Muay Thai have been passed down through generations, with modern day Muay Thai battle warriors understanding the value of warrior established by people before them via a mix of explosive artful ability and respectful calmness. It has been advised that many great leaders of muay thai training thailand have demonstrated the warrior soul which paved the way for the growth of Muay Thai. From the 15th century King Norseman the Great was famous for his bravery against the Burmese.

Par Chao Sue, or the Tiger King 1662 -1709, was an avid follower of Muay Thai. The Tiger King engaged in Muay Thai bouts across All Siam. King Tasking the Great ruled from 1767 to 1784 and climbed to fame in the ashes of Ayutthaya, at the time the capital of Siam. The Burmese had overrun the town and destroyed all historic records of Siam. Following an extreme battle in which the Burmese conquered Ayutthaya, King Tasking accumulated 500 escaped and followers east towards what is currently referred to as the Nissan region of Thailand.

King Tasking constructed a new army in this area with now legendary warrior Phraya Pica Dab hack as his commander in chief. The title Dab hack means ‘broken sword’, a title he was given when he fought with no sword after it broke in half during conflict, using techniques now called Muay Thai fighting. Legend has it that in these historical forms of Thai boxing Warriors wore berry bound hands dipped in resin or starch. In intense battles hands were also covered in broken glass which makes it a struggle to the death competition, as seen from the famous movie Kick boxer.